Owners – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a comprehensive list of questions other owners ask prior to trusting Freedom Vacation Rentals. We have clear goals – Customer satisfaction for you and our guests and peak return on investment!

How is Freedom Vacation Rentals different from traditional property managers?

Freedom is not a long term property manager. We focus only on Short term rental properties. You may know them as Nightly, Vacation or Executive rentals.

The landscape of short term rental is changing! Traditional property managers typically ask for long term contracts at high percentage fees, in some cases as high as 60%. Additionally they minimize your involvement, put rules on when you can use the property and select peak season nights for their personal discretion.

Freedom Vacation Rentals, does NOT lock you in to long term contracts! Freedom does NOT require you to give up any nights for our personal use! Freedom does NOT limit your ability to use your property when it’s not booked! Freedom does NOT charge high percentage fees! On the contrary, we will customize a plan that fits your performance expectations, not ours!

What is my involvement?

Be as involved as you would like to be! Is it your first investment in this space and you’re excited about the possibilities – lets work together to make sure you are successful!

Are you looking for a passive approach and just want to see the money at the end of the month? Maybe you know how much work goes in to the management aspect and just don’t have time for it? Sit back and collect the checks…We have you covered! We have customized plans that cover all desires at some of the best pricing in the industry!!

Who handles phone calls, emails, inquiries, bookings?

*** Please note – No matter what plan we agree on is best for you, Freedom Vacation Rentals always handles all inquiries, phone calls, customer questions and bookings. Our dedicated team has a strict 1 hr. response time expectation, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! ***

Cleaning? Maintenance? Stocking? Yard work? Bug control? Etc…?

All the fun stuff! At least our vendor network thinks so!

To provide the best customer experience possible, we expect that our properties are spotless clean, well maintained, fully stocked and well received inside and out. Freedom Vacation Rentals is tirelessly working to build and maintain a network of qualified vendors for our use and yours.

Vendors in our network base have been through a proper licensing and insurance check, background check as well as submitted verified personal and work references. We don’t hire or recommend the cheap, we only work with the qualified and dependable!

Question: If I choose to be involved in these aspects – can I use my Sister, Aunt, Pastor, or Friend?

Answer: Absolutely and we would encourage you too use your personal contacts! However, Freedom Vacation Rentals may ask that they go through a training session with one of our qualified vendors depending on their level of experience and what jobs they will be performing.

What type of properties are good short term rentals?

Nearly everything! One of the things we LOVE about the nightly/vacation rental business is the eclectic nature of the people who choose to travel this way! Do you have a Yurt, luxury penthouse, tiny home, 12 bedroom mansion, modest 2 bedroom home, 1 bedroom condo, 80 acre farm, R.V. site or anything in between – chances are, its someone’s idea of a great time!

With that said, every State, county and City has rules that MUST be followed. We will help you identify all requirements that need to be met to make sure you are set up for long term success and not short term disaster.

Who pays the bills?

Again, Freedom Vacation Rentals is very proud of our customer service and customized management plans so we will brag a little more. The answer to this question depends on the plan we develop together that best suits your needs, availability and desire to be involved.

We will be running a small business together. After speaking with your assigned Asset Manager, you will certainly have an exact idea of how we will work together to make sure nothing falls through the cracks!

What are typical operating costs – how much can I make a month?

Unfortunately there is no single answer and this question is asked often. GOOD NEWS – Freedom Vacation Rentals will work with you to put together a comprehensive estimated operating budget. We will take in to account all predictable costs associated with maintaining a successful rental.

How much can you make a month? Freedom Vacation Rentals is confident you will make as much as your property is capable of making in the marketplace! After completing the estimated operating budget we can better narrow in on performance expectations and then get an idea of anticipated income.

Some management companies would prefer you see the big picture numbers. Lets face it, they look much better before taking all costs in to consideration. Freedom Vacation Rentals prefers to partner with you! Together, transparency is the only way we can determine expectations, set expectations and exceed expectations!!

How do we get guest bookings? Where will my investment be advertised?

Freedom Vacation Rentals does NOT have exclusive agreements with any online or offline marketplace platforms. We advertise, list and market on all major sites. We do not use one or two specific sites just because it’s labor intensive to set up new listings on additional channels. Your property will be maintained and updated across ALL major sites, platforms and channels.

In addition to online short term booking avenues, we are excited about the development of our integrated website. We are committed to ongoing placement and search engine optimization. We’re anticipating major growth in the near future and believe we will generate as much return and unique traffic as some of the existing well known options as we grow.

As mentioned before in the first question on this page, the Short Term Rental market is changing quickly and we WILL be on the forefront of the change! It’s true that the big players such as Airbnb, HomeAway platform, Booking and Flipkey capture the vast majority of vacation renters. However, some smaller online sites are starting to make big strides in the short term rental space. We are on the look out! We are looking out for you and us! We WILL always be exploring new marketing avenues and using our currently creative proprietary ways to keep traffic flowing.

How is nightly rate figured? I don’t want my property to be too low or high.

Prior to the onboarding process, your Asset Manager will have completed extensive market research to determine low range and high range price points. They will take in to consideration bedroom count, bathroom count, location, proximity to major attractions, amenities and many other performance analytics. This analysis is similar to the appraisal like purchasing a property. After the comparison analysis is performed, you and your Asset Manager will set minimum and maximum nightly rates that YOU AGREE TOO according to your property location, peak times, off seasons and other factors.

Overall what is the process and how long does it take?

  • Step 1 – Fill out the information form located below or the “rent with Freedom form under owners tab on main page.
  • Step2 – We will do some initial research and contact you through email and phone to have an initial conversation
  • Step 3 – Should both parties agree that we believe it may be a good fit, we will schedule the next communication in person, over the phone or through video call to work through specific details such as our commitment agreement, management plan as well as property specific details.
  • Step 4 – Remember, at no cost to you, Freedom Vacation Rentals will have the photographer visit the property to obtain the professional pictures. At this time we will be setting up all marketing, marketing avenues, creating exchange information for marketing, designating your assigned vendors, establishing vendor expectations and many other things that will contribute to the performance success.
  • Step 5 – We will present sample marketing for your approval – button up any remaining items
  • Step 6 – GO LIVE!! Release all marketing – email blast to our existing database of travelers and show your property off to the world! !

Our goal is to have your property launch inside two weeks. Depending on the requirements of the State, County and City.

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