A little about Freedom Vacation Rentals Vendor Network

Freedom Vacation Rentals, LLC is constantly working to find the BEST! We are on the search for well qualified, professional vendors with the highest integrity, customer service, communication, attention to detail and commitment to providing a great experience

In joining our Vendor Network, you will receive jobs, projects or assigned accounts directly from FVR as well as referrals to our owner client base.

Freedom Vacation Rentals Vendor Expectation

Our expectations are high but fair. As mentioned before, we will only work with and have Vendors in the Network that are 100% dedicated to providing the absolute best service. We’ve all given a referral to friends and co-workers that didn’t work out – there is no worse feeling. We take every measure possible to provide referrals to our owners that are reliable and professional.

Vendor Network Services

Guest Services
Do you provide warm, inviting, knowledgeable face to face customer service? Are you articulate and have a way of explaining things to people in a way they can understand? Click the link below to tell us more about the services you provide!

Do you have a way of showing off the best features of real estate? Click the link below to tell us more about your services!

Cleaning Services
Do you have an extreme attention to detail? Do you provide reliable service with the utmost integrity? Can you accommodate needs for different properties? Click the link below to provide more information about your business.

Handyman Services
Staying on top of repairs is an essential part of owning and managing properties. Are you a handyman that can perform any small task on a residental property? We want to talk to you! Click below to tell us more about your services!

Landscaping and ground services
Do you provide “one off services” – maintenance agreements – full service ground services – tree pruning – All season services – Snow removal? Click the link below to tell us more about what services you provide!

Additional Network Services
Below are other types of service providers we would like to add to the network

  • Exterminator
  • Deep cleaning – upholstery, tile, carpet, fabrics
  • Trades – Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Painting
  • Concierge – Delivery services (Please contact us, Many openings available soon!!!

If you provide a residential service you don’t see on this list, feel free to reach out by clicking below!

Vendor Contact Form

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